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Longford Lady  of  the  Year: Dr. Margaret Fitzsimons-Hagan was born  and  raised  in  Jackson Heights. She is  the  eldest  daughter of  the  late Edward Fitzsimons of Sprignstown, Abbeylara and  Kathleen Clarke of  New Inn, Ballyjamesduff Cavan.She  has  one  brother,Edward, and  two  Sisters Kathleen McCarroll and  Eileen Mills. Maggie  attended St.Joan of  Arc Elementary School in Jackson Heights where  she  was  very  active in  the  youth  council.Maggie  attended Dominican Academy High School in  Manhattan where  she  remains  an active  alumni.She  earned  her bachelor of  science degree in  Chemistry from  Fordham University and  her Doctor of  Dental Surgery Degree from New York University College of Dentistry.
After graduating from  dental  school  in  1991, Maggie  began  her  career working  as  an  associate dentist in Sunnyside and  Whitestone.After  three  years, Maggie  gained  enough experience and  business  sense to  open  her  own  private  practice in  Maspeth.She  credits  much  of  her  success to  the  support  she  received  from  the  Irish Community.Dentistry  is  a profession which  Maggie  loves.As a member  of  the  American Dental Association,the  Queens County Dental Society,New York County  Dental Society,the Academy of general Dentistry and  the  New York Dental Association,Dr  Maggie  stays  on  top  of  her  game.Her  key  to  success is  a no-nonsense approach to  hard  work  and  a firm  belief in  always  learning and  embracing  new  things.Surrounded by  her  dedicated staff,Dr Maggie brings  compassion,quick-wit and  expertise  to  her  patients.Anyone  who  has  sat  in  Maggie's  dental chair, will  tell  You  how  at  ease  she  will  make  them  feel.She's  a  regular  girl  with  anything  but regular  professional skills.Her  patients  have  trust in  her because she  treats  them  with  honesty and  respect.Outside  of  her  private  practice, Maggie  has  been  involved in  various  outreach programs. She  is  also  very  proud  of a  three  year  commitment she  give  to  the  South  Bronx jobs  Corps  Academy in  2010, where  she  provided  dental  care and  education to  underprivileged Youths.
Maggie  met  her  Husband,Tom Hagan, on  the  Woodside Irish  scene in the  mid  1980s.Tom hails  from  Ballinamuck. They  married  in  New York  on  August 5th  1989. Their  wedding  was  written  up  in  the  Longford Leader by  the  late  Paddy "Stevie" Reilly and titled "Longford Wedding  of  the  Year". They  reside  in  Maspeth  New York with  their  four  children,one  Daughter  and  three  Sons.Bronwyn attends University of California San Francisco Dental School, Barry  attends Suny  Delhi.Brogan  is a Sophomore at Holy Cross  High School,and  Brendan a 7th  grader at St. Stanislaus Krostka School.Maggie's  childrean  are  all Irish Dancers.Her  two  Youngest Brogan and  Brendan,dance for the Doherty-Petri School  of Irish Dance.They  are open Championship dancers  with  whom  Maggie enjoys  traveling to  international competitions.
Maggie  has  been  going  to  Longford  Dances since  she  was a  Young  girl.She  and  her  Parents  attended the  annual St.Patrick's day  dance in  the  Astoria Manor as well as the  New Years Eve  dance in  the  Tower View in  Woodside.Maggie's  daughter Bronwyn took  the  initiative of  joining  the  Longford  Association in  2012. Maggie  followed  suit in  2013  and  enjoys meeting  her  friends at  meetings  and  social events.Maggie  always  has a   full  schedule but  manages  to  juggle with  energy  and  enthusiasm.Despite  her  busy  schedule she  always  manages  to  find  time to  march up  5th Ave. with  Longford at the St.Patrick's Day parade.
Maggie  is  no  stranger  to  Ireland.She  has  been  visiting  her  family in  Longford  and  Cavan regularly since  she  was  a young  girl.During  the  Summer she  also  enjoys spending  time  in  her summer  home  in  East Durham. She  is  most  greatful  to  her  Mother and  Father  who  give  her the  gift  of  this  great  country and  worked hard  to  give her a  wonderful  education and  upbringing.She  credits her"hard  work  never  harms  anyone" philosophy to  her  Parents  who  thought  her  that nothing  was  beyond reach. Maggie is  proud  to  be  an  American who  was  raised  incredibly Irish. She  is  bringing her  children  up in  that  same  tradition.

Louise McKeon Memorial award: Stephen McInnis, Stephen McInnis  is a  third generation Carpenter,twenty-two year Union Member,and President of  the  New York City district  council of carpenters.As President, Stephen oversees various campaigns an  operations of  the  union,and chairs both  the  executive committee and delegate body.
Born in  the Bronx  and  raised  in  Valley Stream NY, he began  his  career in  local 608 now local  157, where  he  was elected a  delegate to  both  the  District Council and  the UBC General Convention.In  1998  he became  the  first Political Director of  the  district  Council,a role  he  used to  raise the  profile  of  the  Union,work  on a  variety of  successful  initiatives and  help  pass  a number  of  pieces of  pro-worker State Legislation. One of  his  proudest accomplishments was being an  integral part of  the  campaign for  an  agency-wide Project Labor  Agreement (PLA) for  the  school  construction authority in  2005.this  success was  followed  by agency wide PLA's for all Mayoral agencies in  2009,for  the State Dormitory Authority in 2011  and most  recently the New York City Housing Authority  in  2014.These  agreements  will  ensure that  thousands of Union  construction workers  can be  guaranteed work  opportunities on  billions  of  dollars of  public  projects.
Recently  re-elected  President  in December  2014, Stephen  serves  on  a number  of  Boards within  the  city,including the Executive Board of  the  New York City Building Trades,the Executive Board of  the  New York Democratic Party,the New York City Carpenter Labor  Management Corporation and  on the  Board  of  Trustees of the  New York City Carpenters  Benefits  Funds.
Stephen  firmly  believes that  the  hard  working  members of  the  Union deserve  quality healthcare,middle class wages and  dignity in  retirement through a  defined  benefit  pension,he  traets  his  position, not as  a job but as a cause.Stephen's Lonford roots are  in  Moyne  and  Aughnacliffe. He  lives  in  Floral Park  New  York  with  his  wife of  fourteen  Years, Peggy  and  their two  Daughters Kathleen and Molly.

:Guest of  Honor:John  Mahon This evening on  the occasion of  celebrating St.Patrick's dinner  dance for  the  year  2016.we a re  proud  to  honor a  distinguished member and  prominent business man John  Mahon.
John  was  born  on  July 30th  1944 to  Parents  Celia and  Bartholomew in  Newtownforbes Co.Longford and  is  one  of  seven  children..After  finishing  school, John  first  worked the  family  farm with  the  ambition  of becoming a cattle  dealer.Soon after,John  left  for  London where  he  took  up  residence in Shepard's Bush and  worked  in  construction during  the day  and a  bartender by  night.One  could  say his  first formal introduction to  the hospitality trade.
At the  tender  age  of twenty ,John  headed  of  to New York,where  it  was  told  there  was "gold  on  the  streets".He  became a member  of  the  Longford  Association and  got  his  first  job as an  elevator  operator in a  High-Rise  Building at  57th Street and  5th  Avenue.Not  long afterwards he  landed  his  first  bar tending  job at Ferguson&McLaughlin's Bar located  in  the  heart  of  Hell's Kitchen.He  remained  there  for  about  two  Years honing  his bar tending  skills.He  then  moved  onto  the White House in  Sunnyside,Queens, where he  met  his  late  partner Peter(Pete) McGee and  the  two  of  them went  on  to  forge  one  of  the  greatest partnerships in  the  Irish Bar  Business  in  New York City.
in  1968 they  opened their first  venture,the Pig and  Whistle in Rockefeller Center.It  went  on  to  become one  of  the  most successful pubs  in  New York City lasting a very  rare 24 years  in  business.During  this  period the  Mahon and  McGee  duo established several  other  operations in  Manhattan,Queens,Long  Island,Florida and  Ireland.Their  partnership concluded in 1991 and  John  then  went  on  to  open five  additional Pig "N" Whistle  Pubs among  twelve  operations he  currently owns  in  Manhattan.
Proud  father  of  two boys, John  and  Robert, John  takes  great  pride to  have  welcomed  them into  the  industry in  recent  years with  growth  scaling on  both  sides  of  the  Alantic.Aphilanthropist to  several  great  causes such  as  Concern,Goal,The  Kennedy Foundation and  the American-Irish Fund The  Francis Pope Foundation.He is a member of  the  Knights  of  St  Patrick,the Irish-US Council and  the IBO. John  is  well  known for  his  kind  and  caring  ways. Its  with  that  appreciation that  we his  Brother  and Sister members  joined by  his  friends and  family honor  him  this  evening and  wish  him  the success and  happiness in  the  years  ahead.

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